Saturday, June 11, 2011

San Francisco

Steve, Emily, Dan, and Carmen stopped out to see us Wednesday night. It was really good to see them. We talked and Carmen opened baby gifts that family and friends sent with us from Michigan. Thursday we went into San Francisco and Steve made Steak Fajitas which we enjoyed at Dan and Carmen's Apartment. We got to see how they fixed up a nursery and see Enzo again. The nursery is really cool and our Grandaughter will love it. Friday was pizza and movie night. We all met at Dan and Carmen's apartment again, ordered pizza, and watched a movie. We had a good time. Saturday Steve, Emily, Bonnie, and I went down to the Ferry Building to shop the Farmer's Market. We filled our packs with fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese and bread and when we got back to Steve and Emily's apartment, we put some of it on the table for our lunch. It was all very good. We stopped by Dan and Carmen's to say hi before Bonnie and I headed back to the RV park in Steve's BMW. Nice ride.

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